WEEC2015 in Gothenburg a big success!

Added a link to my recorded keynote address. I am kindly introduced by Stephen Sterling who would have been an excellent keynote himself of course. There is an interesting Q&A after the talk.

Transformative learning


Pope Francis’ publicly expressed concerns about the decline of the Earth’s ecosystem and increasing inequity and a recent ruling by a Dutch court that the government is negligent in addressing climate change, are again two signs that public sentiment is shifting from denial and ‘laisez faire’ at best to serious concern and, hopefully, active engagement. During WEEC2015 well over 750 participants from over 75 countries gathered in Gothenburg, Sweden to discuss and strengthen education, learning and action for socio-ecological sustainability across the globe.

I was privileged to give a keynote during the opening session. In my talk – which can be found on YouTube here: KeyNote Arjen Wals at WEEC2015 – I referred to this increased public unrest about climate change, micro-plastics in oceans and bodies, etc. but also to the hijacking of identity and colonisation of the mind for business interests (don’t accept those cookies, or check that ‘I agree’ box…

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