Global Environmental Education and Wicked Problems – free Online Course


What a global response!

There is still one week to go to: to register for this fascinating course that has already attracted more than 2500 students and professionals from over 130 countries. Just reading the short introductions of the participants on the Course’s Facebook site is educational and inspiring:

The registration closes on February 15th – have a look at the website to see how we are running the course – module one focuses on the meaning of wicked sustainability problems. Participants are sharing their own interpretations and examples of such problems.

Students who wish to take the course for credit can do so via the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point – check out the website to find out how.

Course overview

The goal of this course is to create an environmental education “trading zone”—an online space where scholars and students gather to learn about multiple disciplines that shed light on how to improve environmental quality and change environmental behaviors. Each of the lectures, readings, discussions, and case studies will focus on the implications of a particular discipline for environmental education, as well as what environmental education has to contribute to related disciplines and sectors. Learn about how environmental education, environmental governance, environmental psychology, environmental sociology and other disciplines can work together to address ‘wicked problems,’ not readily addressed by working in disciplinary silos.

Some of the ideas I will be sharing can be found here in a nutshell: Sustainability & Education in Two Minutes

But if you have more time… then you can read a recent open-access publication based on an inaugural address I gave in December of 2015 titled: “Beyond Unreasonable Doubt: Education and learning for socio-ecological sustainability  in the anthropocene” which can now be downloaded here: 8412100972_RvB_Inauguratie Wals_Oratieboekje_v02Complete Text Beyond Unreasonable Doubt Complete Text Beyond Unreasonable Doubt



4 thoughts on “Global Environmental Education and Wicked Problems – free Online Course

  1. Hi. Nice video. Tell me, did there just happen to be a camera crew near-by when you paused to pick up that litter in the 1980s?

    Bill ………………………………….. Dr William Scott 24 Pound Lane, Semington, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK BA14 6LP 07790 938192 ……………………


    • Thanks for the compliment- indeed I haven’t aged at all… The cup was not placed there but I noticed it when walking in (at the request of the camera man but I can see that viewers might not believe that).

    • Funny – I guess the narration suggested that that walk into the building where I stumble upon that empty cup – took place in the 80-ties… Do I really look that young in that video? Thanks for the compliment Bill. Obviously it was filmed in one go on a Friday afternoon sometime in NOvember of last year. See you in Madison?

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