New TESF Background Paper: Co-Creating Education for Sustainable Futures

Despite the disadvantage of not being able to work together, due to COVID19, in face-to-face and more embodied manner, with partners in India, South Africa, Rwanda, Somalia and Somaliland, we (the TESF-Team) are still able to generate a number of worthwhile background papers that seek to support the local education transformation projects that will commence within the next few months in each of these countries. The aim of this last background paper is to explain the overall methodological approach and key concepts that inform our work as researchers within the Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures Network Plus ( In particular, we will seek to explain what we mean by the idea of ‘knowledge co-creation’ which underpins our approach and what this means in practical terms for the design and implementation of research projects in the area of education for sustainable futures. The paper can be downloaded here: