From dysfunctional “enstranglement” to regenerative entanglement – freeing humanity from resilient destructive ways of being and becoming

Suffocation by Stefani Diers – for more of her great art work see:

This is just a suggested title for an essay I have started to write notes for. The idea of “enstranglement” popped-up in my head during one of the transformative dialogues sessions at Wageningen University organized by some very inspiring and dedicated colleagues.

At the moment I am ‘defining’ it as such:

Enstranglement – noun – refers to maladaptive destructive forms of entanglement where one is trapped in entrenched and dysfunctional systems that erode the well-being of people and planet…

But I am still playing around with it. This post is merely to get people to respond to the term and to invite people to write a paper with the above (temporary) title, together. You can respond in the blog or in another way that will get to me (no pun intended).

Cultivating imaginative disruptions and light-heartedness in times of gravity

Some journals are truly hidden gems – Airea is a peer-reviewed journal on Arts & Interdisciplinary Research. Together with wonderful colleague Anke de Vrieze of Wageningen UR and Åse Bjurström of University of Gothenburg, former PhD and MSc-student of mine, Natalia Eernstman and current PhD Kelli Rose Pearson, we contributed a paper to a Special Issue on ‘Interdisciplinary relationships within spaces and bodies of collaboration‘. Our paper is titled:

Designing Collective Artist Residencies – Cultivating imaginative disruptions and light-heartedness in times of gravity

A nice feature of this special journal is that it is fully open access: all wonderful papers can be freely downloaded from the journal’s website here! Please find below the abstract of our paper:


I am happy to announce the return of the infamous Invitational Research Seminars on Environmental & Sustainability Education. As one of the co-organisers I have the privileged to be part of an excellent group led this tim by Katrien van Poeck of Ghent University in Belgium. These are relatively small seminars. While they are no longer ‘by invitation only’ and open to anyone with a strong, insightful, creative, provocative, etc, proposal, spaces will be limited. Have a look a the key info, the theme and the wonderful sub-themes below or go directly to the Centre for Sustainable Development at Ghent University