From dysfunctional “enstranglement” to regenerative entanglement – freeing humanity from resilient destructive ways of being and becoming

Suffocation by Stefani Diers – for more of her great art work see:

This is just a suggested title for an essay I have started to write notes for. The idea of “enstranglement” popped-up in my head during one of the transformative dialogues sessions at Wageningen University organized by some very inspiring and dedicated colleagues.

At the moment I am ‘defining’ it as such:

Enstranglement – noun – refers to maladaptive destructive forms of entanglement where one is trapped in entrenched and dysfunctional systems that erode the well-being of people and planet…

But I am still playing around with it. This post is merely to get people to respond to the term and to invite people to write a paper with the above (temporary) title, together. You can respond in the blog or in another way that will get to me (no pun intended).